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Tuesday February 19th 2019

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People seemed to really like last week's bulletin, do keep emailing me direct with feedback. If you're a coach or consultant it's your last chance to register to join us at the Tavistock Clinic this Saturday for the ISPSO workshop on psychodynamic consulting. Find out more here.

Quote of the week: "You manage things; you lead people". Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper



My pick of the week's essential reading for business and HR leaders

This week's most essential read:

How to open up teams without oversharing

This excellent article from HBR deals with a dilemma that comes up a lot in the coaching I do. How can you get the balance right between building rich, authentic relationships and not being too emotionally incontinent? The authors offer 5 ways to help you get the balance right. Emotions are a central part of who we are and we need to get better at handling them at work. This article really helps. PS Whatever you do don't forget the importance of humour, we even need it on Mars!


This great article blows away the myth promoted by the likes of Elon Musk that productivity = work hours. In fact productivity drops off with overwork and after around 55 hours per week productivity actually starts to dip and with every hour worked after that you are producing less. If you can't get your work done in 8 hours a working day read "Create Space"!

Staying with productivity this piece from Inc. offers nine practical ways you can save time and get things done.At their heat is the need to become more aware about how you use your time. What's your chronotype? If you don't know you need to find out!

Two fascinating articles on the company that touches almost all our lives.The first, from Business Insider, highlights the fact that Zuckerberg found out about the Cambridge Analytica data scandal the same as the rest of us - from the media. yet 3 of his executives had long known it was brewing and not told him. Why? One ex-Facebooker says its the "Game of Thrones" culture around Zuck.

The second Facebook related article is from Adweek and reveals that Facebook are changing their bonus system to include metrics around social impact rather then the purely internally related existing ones.How do you measure that though? (Incidentally - the median salary at Facebook? £200,000)

This Fast Company article lists some interesting dynamic at play when it comes to women and start-ups. These changes should also affects how bigger companies see woman as leaders. (PS Two friends of mine do excellent work in the start-up and VC field with their company Caia, check them out)

A cool article via Quartz at Work featuring Adam Grant and his helpful insights on those people who maybe push themselves just a little too hard (sound familiar?). His "time travel" idea is an instant classic and you have to try it now.

Other great content you might be interested in from this week

This week's taster of my book...

"Roughly 200,000 years ago the first recognisably human figures had spread across this part of Africa, and every single one of us alive today has DNA that can be traced back to that group – some scientists argue to a specific man and woman. About 75,000 years ago these slender graceful, large-brained Homo sapiens began to journey slowly out of Africa. Over the next tens of thousands of years they settled pretty much everywhere on the planet, displacing several other hominid species, such as the Neanderthals, along the way. Just 30,000 years ago ‘we’ became the only humans. The world was our oyster. For roughly a thousand generations afterwards, life remained essentially the same. Yes, language, tools, rituals and art became more sophisticated, but day after day our forebears awoke to see boundless land and skies all around them. One imagines a typical day would have involved a bit of conversation, undoubtedly some loving, maybe a little fighting, certainly some hunting or gathering, but there wouldn’t have been much to ‘do’ in the modern sense. For tens of thousands of years we humans weren’t focused on ‘doing’ but simply ‘being’. We were surrounded by space and we could never have dreamed, in any sense, of filling it. Then something astonishing happened..."
Introduction, page 2

Join us at this great event 

Our company, CDP Leadership Consultants is helping to organise this event at the Tavistock Clinic on Saturday 23rd February.It should be fascinating and a great chance to learn and network. There are just 5 places left so if you’re interested book your ticket now…. If you want to know more about psychodynamic leadership consulting download CDP’s thought paper here...

And finally … A sobering thought. This is the graph of guess what (answer below)? From the World Economic Forum and tweeted by Peter Cheese of the CIPD (so h/t to @Cheese_Peter)

* world happiness - so its not just you :)


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