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Challenges to Expect 
with Change

SugarCRM: Most organisations at some point will overhaul or replace major systems or technologies. And when this happens, common challenges can arise with adoption across users who are not fully prepared for...

Announcing the all-new Zoho Office Suite.

Zoho: Setting the stage for the future of work—announcing the all-new Zoho Office Suite.We’re bringing contextual integrations, artificial intelligence, and refreshed experiences to our office suite apps...


Why SMBs Are Looking to the Cloud to Scale Their Operations

Salesforce: Business people like to talk about scalability. Business people in the tech sector really like to talk about scalability.  But what does scalability actually look like for small businesses, in particular?


All About Devtac

Devtac is one of the most promising solutions providers, giving revolutionary business solutions to all kinds of business and industries. We are more than an application of technology—we are a business strategy. 

We have continued to thrive and promote our expertise in Customer Relationship Management, but we are also proud to have extensive experience in Consultancy, Design, and Implementation of Mobile applications.


With their CRM and Mobile solutions, we are able to improve our processes especially our engagements with our customers. DEVTAC is a reliable partner which you can build a long-term relationship. - Bernard Tabalon of AboitizLand, Inc.


Devtac is now one of the leading providers of ZohoSugarCRM, BlueBilling, Salesforce, SuiteCRM, and Software and Mobile App developers in the Philippines and Asia.

1. Include forward to a friend links in emails.
Give your audience a way to share it with their colleagues and friends. Hey, that’s essentially free marketing for you!

2. Focus on quality rather than quantity.
One valuable piece is worth 10 irrelevant ones, so keep your focus on highly relevant content that engages your audience.

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Corporate Bio



Co-Founder and Director of Marketing and Alliances 

With over 30 years of experience in the CRM Industry, David's expertise is, without a doubt, unparalleled. 


Phone: +63 917 620 1555


Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Walter has developed and provided numerous business solutions software for global clients and has been there in the ecosystem for more than 10 years. 


Phone: +63 917 794 8226


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