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Key Considerations When Building Out Your Insider Risk Program
By: Suzanna Alsayed-Hills, MDEM, Silvia Fraser, CPP, Antoinette King, PSP, Sherri Ireland, CISSP, Lina Tsakiris, CPP

Is Insider Risk something new, or something we need to look at in a new way? Traditionally we have put in place measures to protect the perimeter, to control access into our buildings or our systems. Why did we do this? We saw the biggest risks and threats coming from external sources. In a “less connected” world this made perfect sense. We housed our assets and managed accordingly. However, the world has changed. We are more inter-connected than ever, and in many ways, we’ve optimized against the external threats. We have become experts in “perimeter” protection. We cannot rest and let down on the perimeter, however, the perimeter being the primary focus has left us vulnerable in many ways. This paper discusses how we design our internal controls, both in physical and system realms, as we evolve our understanding on where risks really exist, and how we believe people might behave. Employees stealing physical or confidential information from their company and/or place of work is not new, however, the complexity of the environment that we protect is no longer simple, and the stakes are high. Our reputation, our credibility, and in some cases the financial viability of these organizations are at stake. Continue reading...
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Jerry Glazebrook & 

Nick Nicholson

This guide was designed to provide the Executive Protection Specialist with a set of checklists with which to manage the executive security services function. It is not intended to replace the knowledge required by the position of Executive Protection Specialist, rather it is to be used as a quick reference to vital information. This text goes well beyond the typical set of checklists used in the executive protection profession.  Order yours here...
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Bodyguard Training Graduate
From our 

Byron Rodgers

When I first received the invite from Executive Protection Institute (EPI), I must admit… I was very excited, absolutely honored and a little bit worried. I was excited because I’d only heard of these guys out there in the executive protection game as one of the two top schools in the industry. Based on all the conversations I had been part of up to this point Executive Protection Institute (EPI) and Executive Security International (ESI) were referred to as the Harvard and Yale of the executive protection training cadres. Unfortunately however I have had some negative experiences with training like many other agents and I was worried that maybe this world-renowned and much respected school had fallen into tradition or even dogma to the point that it’s relevancy may have faded over the years. My primary mode of learning when it comes to the executive protection industry had simply been on the job training for the most part. I got my first security detail right out of the Marine Corps at age 21 and didn’t go to my first school until I had already successfully conducted executive protection operations in over 60 countries and seven years later. Much of what I heard was being taught in classes and things I’d seen were not necessarily relevant to what I was seeing in the private security industry. Many things were very State Department centric rather than being private security centric with regards to techniques, tactics and the amount of agents present in the drills for moving principles. If in fact my experience at EPI was not positive then I simply wouldn’t say anything about the school either way publicly. However Executive Protection Institute far exceeded my expectations and opened my eyes to many things I had not yet seen in our beloved game of executive protection. Continue reading...
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