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Executive Protection Values

Ethics and Traits of 

the Personal Protection Specialist

By Dr. Richard W. Kobetz 


Executive Protection Institute

Nine Lives Associates

It is with great pride and humility that, as you read this chapter, our first volume, entitled Providing Executive Protection, originally published in 1991 is now available in the third printing. Very exciting world events with security implications have come upon the stage, completed their performance and moved on into history. The names involved and the activities engaged in are added to our memory banks and improved protective performances become more obvious. Although the names and events are different and many are variations on the protective services theme, the need for professional personal protection increases and that is a growing concern.We must never loose sight of the main theme, in the perspective of personal protection, that it is a person to person activity. The activity is initiated by someone having a need for a trained person to protect them and the protection is planned and provided for by another “someone.” The key point of course is “trained” with the training being built upon a foundation of ethics and traits possessed by the protector. This foundation of ethics and traits are what all instructors at the Executive Protection Institute credit our success to. This is the crucial base to build upon for all men and women who seek to serve as professional Personal Protection Specialist-the internalization of a canon of ethics and traits for this “Fifth Profession.” Continue reading...
Executive Protection Book

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Left of Bang 


 Patrick Van Horne 

 Jason A. Riley

How the Marine Corps' Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life
You walk into a restaurant and get an immediate sense that you should leave. 
You are about to step onto an elevator with a stranger and something stops you. You interview a potential new employee who has the resume to do the job, but something tells you not to offer a position. 

These scenarios all represent LEFT OF BANG, the moments before something bad happens. But how many times have you talked yourself out of leaving the restaurant, getting off the elevator, or getting over your silly“gut” feeling about someone? Is there a way to not just listen to your inner protector more, but to actually increase your sensitivity to threats before they happen? Legendary Marine General James Mattis asked the same question and issued a directive to operationalize the Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter program. A comprehensive and no-nonsense approach to heightening each and everyone of our gifts of fear, LEFT OF BANG is the result.    

About the Authors:
Patrick Van Horne is the founder and CEO of The CP Journal, a behavioral analysis training company. His firm provides training support to the U.S. military,federal and local law enforcement agencies and the private security industry.Van Horne is a former infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps,earning the rank of Captain before returning to the private sector. His company's training program are focused on teaching people how to prevent violent acts from occurring and finding attackers hiding in plain sight.

Jason A. Riley is currently a Major in the United States Marine Corps Reserve,with over six years on active duty. While with 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, he served as an infantry platoon commander, company executive officer, and company commander, and deployed twice to Iraq with the 24th and 22nd Marine Expeditionary Units. He also served as a combat advisor to the Afghan National Army in an eastern province of Afghanistan. From 2009 until 2011, he was a mobile training team leader Officer-in-Charge with the Combat Hunter program at the School of Infantry (West). There, he developed training courses and taught behavioral profiling, among other duties. He currently serves with a reserve unit at Camp Pendleton, California. Jason is also pursuing his PhD. Order yours here...
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Bodyguard Training Graduate
From our 

Josh Q., Class 81

I spent approximately eight and a half years as a Special Agent for the United States Secret Service. During that time, I participated in protective operations both domestically and in over 20 foreign countries and had the opportunity to assist in the protection of many living.Regarding Executive Protection Institute and the 7-day Providing Executive Protection Program, to be candid and completely honest, my expectations were not that high, but I was willing to keep an open mind and assume the perspective of someone who had never been trained nor done this type of work.  After the first day and a half,

Continue reading....

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Executive Protection School

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"Online" Modules 1-2 

Discover the reality of operating a successful security business!
June 3-4 - Virtual Classroom

Executive Protection School

Corporate Aircraft Security "Online" Modules 1-2 
The unique nuances and aspects of protection in and around  the corporate aircraft world.
June 5-6 - Virtual Classroom

Bodyguards and Houses of Worship

House of Worship Workshop
Is your House of Worship Secure? You MUST ask the question.

May 6-7 - NYC

Protecting Religious Leaders

Protecting Religious Leaders Workshop
The unique aspect of the protection of a religious leader.

May 8-9 - NYC

(House of Worship & Protecting Religious Leaders)
Two workshops, 4 days:
Celebrity Protection

Celebrity Protection & Tour Security Workshop
Best practices, worst case scenarios and specific needs.

July 16-16 - NY Area

Bodyguards and special events

Concerts, Special Events & Venue Security Workshop
Examine dealing with venues and locations used for concerts and special events.

July 17-18 - NY Area

Residential Security

Estate Security & 
Physical Security Workshop
Examine dealing with the estates and residences of celebrities and other notable individuals and families.
July 19-20 - NY  Area

(Celebrity Protection, Concerts and Estate Security)
Two workshops, 4 days:
Three Workshops, 6 days:
2019 Close Protection Conference
The International Protective Security Board (IPSB) is already back at work planning new initiatives and projects for this year's conference.
The IPSB is excited to announce that the 2019 Close Protection Conference will be at the  Westgate Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. December 12-14, 2019.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Stay tuned for more information.
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