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Bodyguards and Executive Protection

The Balancing Act Between Soft and Hard Skills:  What Every Executive Protection Pro Needs to Know
By Jerry Heying, CPP, PPS, CST 
CEO & President
International Protection Group International Protective Service Agency Executive Protection Institute

Security is a legitimate concern for politicians, celebrities and high-profile executives.These days, many turn to executive protection professionals to navigate threats and keep them out of harm's way.  These protection agents come from diverse backgrounds; some have law enforcement or military experience, others do not. Which should you consider when hiring? That depends on your preferences and beliefs.  Clients may view those with military or law enforcement experience as overly aggressive, opting instead for a candidate who they assume will adopt a softer approach to their safety.    When it comes to personal protection, the best approach often includes a mix of the soft and hard, regardless of background. But it can be a delicate balancing act. Continue reading...
Bodyguards and Executive Protection

Good Read

The Warrior's Manifesto: Ideals for those who Protect 

and Defend 


 Daniel Modell

The Warrior's Manifesto is a concise and potent declaration of principles that outline what it means to be a warrior. It is a brief, dramatic statement on the what, the why, and the way. These are not mere abstractions. Warriors must understand and embody them to bring wisdom, courage, and clarity to their work.

Daniel Modell knows the importance of this grounding. He served twenty years with the New York Police Department before retiring as a lieutenant.

“A warrior is not defined by insignia, uniforms, or shields; a warrior is not birthed by bow, sword, or gun,” he writes. “Warriors existed before all these things, and where he dons or wields them bestows them their meaning.”

From ancient times to our own era, the way of the warrior has been a path apart. Whether serving in the trenches or securing our streets, warriors embrace a life most citizens would never choose. As Modell writes, the pay is modest, the hours long and ungodly. Warriors find themselves away from their families, often in harm's way. They experience horror and tragedy. Politicians exploit them. The media and the public scrutinize their every act.

“You will begin each day knowing that you may never see another,” Modell says. He makes it clear that this is no mere job. It is a calling.“You must stand between the predators and the innocents of the world and hold the line with your blood,” he writes.

The Warrior's Manifesto is an undeniable statement that will influence warriors for generations. This book is certain to become a classic.  Order yours here...
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Executive Protection Institute
Bodyguard Training Graduate
From our 

Frank Duffy

Over the years I have participated in many high quality firearms training experiences including nine years in a row at the former Blackwater facility in Moyock, North Carolina with former Green Berets, Rangers,Navy Seals, and others; Team Torn in Nevada with former Marine special operations trainers; and Oak Grove Technologies in Southern Pines, North Carolina with former Green Berets. At each venue I came away with something I had not seen or experienced before. During the past week of training with the instructors I can say unequivocally that I came away with something I had not seen or experienced before. During the course I told them that the key reason I took the course was to see and experience “precision shooting.”  I knew about that technique from the articles I read from Insight and from viewing the PowerPoint slides on the “USB drive” I bought from them. Experiencing precision shooting is quite a bit different from reading about it.  This learning experience was by far the most important thing I took away from last week’s training. Although the precision shooting was very important to me I also valued the many different shooting exercises.  Some I had done before. Others were new to me; especially the “bowling pin” shoot off . The range safety procedures were very much appreciated,especially in consideration of participants with less experience on the range.  Range safety is very important to the firearms training business. My son and I operate (Spartan Firearms TrainingGroup— so I was delighted and relieved to see them enforce the range safety rules. They were also generous in offering advice and guidance to me as a fellow firearms instructor. Thank you for that kindness.

Frank Duffy
EPI Blog


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2019 Close Protection Conference
Leading up to the 2019 Close Protection Conference we are sharing here what participants can expect to see this year in Las Vegas. Tac-Talks and Panels will be back. Below you get a better idea of some of the topics that will be covered. 


Sure to be a popular tac-talk, 

drones have fully moved from an emerging tech to an issue that cannot be ignored. Drones can play a pivotal role in giving protectors a bird's-eye-view but have also been weaponized and now represent a serious threat against practitioners and their clients.

Cyber Security and Executive Protection

Learning best practices in the field of Cyber Security is a must for EP practitioners. Failures to deliver on this front can not only jeopardize a client's personal data and reputation but may open the door to physical harm as well. Join us for a special interview style format for this important tac-talk.

Intel Ops in Latin America

This presentation will take an in-depth look at the current trends shaping the protective security industry in Latin America. This event will provide valuable insights into a region that has captured global attention for its security-related challenges overthe past year. 

Tickets for both the Close Protection Conference and the EP Shooting Challenge are still available.  

Save on Your Stay! 

The 2019 Close Protection Conference will once again take place at the Westgate Resort. For those wishing to stay on-site, the IPSB has a block of hotel rooms reserved at a special rate beginning on December 11, 2019, to December 15, 2019. To take advantage of the reduced price book your reservation here or through the ticket link below.  

The discount code is SIPS9R 

only available until November 18th, 2019.

We look forward to seeing you there!
for more information.
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