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Mission Statement 

 The mission of the Aaron Community Cultural Center is to preserve and share history of individuals of color, provide educational, social, and employment training, and family systems programs from birth to death. This mission will occur face to face and in a cyber environment.


Shared Housing

Employment Training

Youth Leadership

Academy and Community Program such as:

Anger Management & Parent Education Classes

Gaining Power 

Group Yoga Classes

Community Acupuncture 

ACCC is also looking for college interns and individuals who need to complete community service hour.

Businesses Wanted

 Dear Business Owners: 

It is with great pleasure that Aaron Community Cultural Center invites you to our Community Connection Network Co Opt. 

The purpose of this letter is to invite you to participate as a business owner or craftsman in the Aaron Community Cultural Center’sCommunity Connection Network. The vendor page on AaronCommunity Cultural Center (ACCC) website can be found under the Fundraising tab drop down: Community Connection Network Co Opt (Network). 

The orientation will occur via conference call and you will need to register at: WWW.ACCCBSM.COM. There are two place you can register for the orientation. 

  1. Join our Community and in the message box put NetworkOrientation.
  2. Fundraising tab drop down labeled Network.  

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Previous Events and Updates…

      The yard sale was an opportunity for ACCC to help the local community while also network our services. The items at the yard sale were all donated. Each item at the yard sale were free or we accepted donations for the items. We will also like to use this opportunity to thank everyone who donated items, volunteered their time to help conduct the yard sale, or anyone who donated to ACCC.

Fundraising Event

When you donate $15 to ACCC you receive complimentary discount card as thank you GIFT! The card can be used on and offline. The card will provide discounts in your local area. The discounts are for restaurants, stores, and movie theaters in your local neighborhood.


Classes for Anger Management and Parent Education will begin September 2018!                 

Aaron Community Cultural Center Programs:



A big Thank You to all of our Board and Committee Members, for all their hard work and dedication!

Thank You