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ACCC 4th Quarter Newsletter September 2018

Mission Statement

The mission of the Aaron Community Cultural Center is to preserve and share history of individuals of color, provide educational, social, and employment training, and family systems programs from birth to death. This mission will occur face to face and in a cyber environment.


Shared housing

Employment training

Youth leadership

Academy and community Program such as:

Anger Management & Parent Education Classes,

Gaining Power Group, Yoga Classes, and Community Acupuncture.

ACCC is also looking for College Interns and individuals who need to complete Community Service Hours

Fundraising Event

When you donate 15$ to ACCC you receive complimentary Discount  card  as thank you GIFT! The card can be used on and offline the card  will provide discounts in your local area. The discounts are for restaurants, stores, and movie theaters in your local neighborhood.

We would like to show our gratitude to these Partners and Board Members...

1. Village Health Foundation – Denice Thank you for your time and contribution to ACCC. Thank you for your continuous effort to help serve the community and bring in numerous resources.


2. Sherrie Ross- Thank you for your time and contribution to ACCC and the interns. Thank you for your resources and running groups for the agency and the community.


3. Dr Jacqueline Nelson – Thank you for being a part of the board and being a community resource. We’re glad you feel that working with ACCC has been a “privileged and honor to be a part of the organization, to empower the community”


4. USC instructor Susan Hess & CSUDH Social work program- Thank you for bringing the interns to ACCC and your continuous support of our organization


5. Inglewood High School and Sgt. Davis- Thank you for your time and contribution to ACCC. Also, for allowing us to partner with your JROTC Class  


6. Food Finders- Thank you for your generosity and your community support


7. Clifford & Vanessa Seymour- Thank you for partnering your insurance company with the agency and helping us with the fundraising


8. Monica- Thank you for time and connecting us with other agencies and being a wonderful community resource individual.


9. Adrian- Thank you for handling the filing of documentation such as taxes, and the organization of the documents for the agency. We are glad that you feel that “it is more than a pleasure to be a service to the organizations, and proud to be a part of the organization”


10. Leonard – Thank you for constantly helping around ACCC and cleaning around the yard when it is necessary 


11. Seidah – Thank you for doing all the graphics and editing the ACCC website 


12. Deborah – Thank you for being the house manager and volunteering your time to make phone calls for the agency. We also appreciate you volunteering your time to help with fundraising events and also your donations.


13. DJ Jiji Sweet- Thank you for your community resources, also thank you for allowing us to use your booth and advertising our agency.


Thank You for your community support!


A big Thank You to all of our Board Members, for all their hard work and dedication: