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January 2021


Bear Paw News

Planning A Wedding? Check Out Our Venue!

Photo taken by Joshua Veldstra

Bear Paw Adventures is officially booking weddings for the 2021 summer season and beyond. Our venue is outdoors and provides many excellent photo opportunities. The space includes a beautifully manicured lawn as well as a  covered pavilion uniquely decorated with driftwood and beach rock. You won’t find anything else like it!

We offer two venue packages. Amenities in these packages include: three nights in our lodging, a bridal suite, tables, chairs, WiFi, a wedding cake, and more!

Be sure to check out pictures of our venue, our packages, and our lodging options on our website!


Alaska 2021 Iditarod Race

Photo Courtesy of Danny Seavey of the champion Seavey Iditarod family taken on a recent outing. The family has won seven Iditarod races and Mitch holds the record for the fasted run. Bear Paw Adventure will book you on a great summer tour with Seaveys IdidaRide Sled Dog Tours this summer.

The 49th running of the Iditarod Race, also called the "Last Great Race on Earth",  will start on March 6th, 2021. This race is famous for the historic event where sled dogs, such as Balto and Togo, and their teams raced a vaccine for a diphtheria epidemic up to isolated Nome in 1925. This year's upcoming race will feature eight of last year's top ten finishers as well as four former champions. It'll be a race to remember!

Many don't know, but the Iditarod has two starting lines. Celebrations break out in Anchorage for the ceremonial start. Anchorage calls this celebration "The Fur Rondy" and hosts activities such as running with the reindeer, a snow sculpture competition, outhouse races, a blanket toss, sled dog races, and more! Racers travel 11 miles through Anchorage and meet up in the town of Willow the following day. This is where the "restart" occurs - the REAL beginning to the Iditarod race.

This year there will be some changes to the popular race due to COVID concerns. Anchorage will not be hosting The Fur Rondy to reduce crowds gathering. The Iditarod trail itself will not travel up to Nome like it historically does, but instead the committee has created the "golden loop" to prevent COVID from being spread in rural northern communities with limited medical supplies.  Nonetheless, Alaska is still proud to host this 49th running of the Iditarod Race!

Want to read more about the Iditarod Race? Want to follow the mushers as they begin their journey? Want to learn about the history behind the Iditarod Race? Check out their official website.


COVID Update From Bear Paw Adventure

Bear Paw Adventure is working hard to make sure everyone, no matter their opinion on the coronavirus pandemic, will feel safe and welcome at Bear Paw Adventure. Here is our latest update.

For travel, the State of Alaska is currently requiring anyone entering the state to have gotten a negative coronavirus test within the last 72 hours and to practice social distancing for five days by avoiding crowds and public indoor spaces. Even these restrictions might be relaxed with successful public use of the COVID-19 vaccine. Concerned five days of social distancing would ruin your trip? We've got you covered! We'd be happy to provide you with an action-packed itinerary of authentic Alaskan activities that do not require public indoor spaces or crowds to fill your social distancing time. 

Bear Paw is welcoming guests for the 2021 summer season and is feeling confident about our COVID mitigation plan. As always, we provide premium cleaning services and utilize CDC recommended products to reduce the spread of COVID. We offer the option of contactless check-in if you prefer to minimize your contact. We're also available to help customize your trip to make sure you don't miss out on any Alaskan adventures while taking into consideration any concerns you may have. We'll help you have a safe, welcoming, and adventurous Alaskan trip during the 2021 summer season.


Alaskan Adventures

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in Alaska will provide you with the most beautiful views! Ride among Alaskan wildflowers, mountains, and even on the beach for a special experience you'll never forget!

Photo credit: Brady's Trail Rides in Seward, AK


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