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Event Pavilion Coming Soon!


Nicknamed "The Wonder", Bear Paw Adventure has been hard at work building this stunning and unique pavilion. The outside features rocks and driftwood while the inside has custom wooden benches and see-through roofing. This pavilion is almost done and will be available for events such as weddings, family reunions, evening activities, and more!


Alaska May Be Losing A Treasure: The Alaska Sealife Center

The Alaska Sealife Center is the only facility within the state that provides a public aquarium, conducts marine research, provides education, and completes wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. The Alaska Sealife Center is home to thirteen species of birds, six species of fish, seven species of invertebrates, and three species of marine mammals. The mammals include the Steller seal lion, ringed seal, and spotted seal.

Due to COVID-19, their funding is in question and they may be forced to close permanently. The Alaska community is working to save this resource that protects marine life, educates the public, and is an iconic stop for out-of-state visitors.

Sea Urchin

Coronavirus Update

Bear Paw Adventure Combating COVID-19

Bear Paw Family

Photo of the Multigenerational Bear Paw Adventure Family

Being a family owned and operated business, we understand the need to keep our loved ones safe. That's why at Bear Paw Adventure we are taking COVID-19 seriously and doing everything we can to make your lodging experience comfortable and safe. Here are some examples of what we are doing to combat coronavirus:

  • No need to visit our office to check in - walk straight into your cabin using a keypad lock that is cleaned after every reservation
  • Guests have access to cleaning equipment to clean frequently touched surfaces as often as they like
  • We are preventing cross-contamination between buildings by using single-use cleaning items or building-specific items
  • Guests are asked to not enter our buildings if they have coronavirus symptoms and to isolate if they develop them during their stay
We want to address everyone's needs and protect our guests. Please reach out if there is anything else we can do to help you feel comfortable with your stay.


Curious About COVID-19 In Alaska?


Alaska is welcoming visitors from out-of-state! Here is what you need to know if you're planning a trip to the last frontier. 

For now, and through August 10th, travelers to Alaska have several options to comply with COVID-19 requirements.  Bear Paw suggests that the best option is to get a coronavirus test (a PCR test) and results within 72 hours of the departure time for your flight to Anchorage. A negative test result will give you freedom to roam the state. Upon arrival, the state will provide a voucher for you to use to get a second test between 7 to 14 days after arrival.  There are other options, including testing after arrival. 

But, the requirements are changing.  Starting August 11th, all non-residents entering the state must have proof of a negative coronavirus test taken within 72 hours of departure. With a negative test result, visitors will not be required to go into quarantine. Other options for testing after arrival will no longer be available. The state promises that more information about the August 11th revisions will be published soon. 

For travel both now and after August 10th, you must also complete the State of Alaska Travel Declaration Form.  There you will declare your testing option and list your quarantine location if that is applicable.  


Alaskan Adventures

Kayaking in Kachemak Bay

Kayaking in Kachemak Bay is an outdoor adventure you'll never forget. This picture features a kayaking trip in Halibut Cove (a short drive and boat ride from Bear Paw Adventure) where kayakers were able to get within feet of sea otters, see stunning views, and even see a black bear and her cubs! Let us help you set up your kayaking adventure today!


With Bear Paw Adventure's Premium Lodging, You Can Always Expect The Best Service And A Unique Alaskan Experience!


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