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Bear Paw Adventure Quarterly Newsletter

October 2020


Bear Paw News

Bear Paw Pavilion Open for Weddings and More!

Wedding Reception

Wedding photos taken by Joshua Veldstra (@JoshuaVeldstra)

Wedding Property

The newest addition to the Bear Paw property is a fantastic venue for weddings and more! This pavilion, uniquely detailed with driftwood and beach rocks, can hold up to 80 people to help you make amazing memories. Bear Paw Adventure's venue is set on a beautiful lawn with many locations on the property for extraordinary pictures and room for fun. It's conveniently located between two of our most desirable cabins, Bear Den and Captain Cook. Both provide great options for a bridal party to get ready or a family to stay for a reunion.

Bear Paw Adventure is one of only a few venues in the area, so don't miss your opportunity and book now! We're now accepting reservations for the 2021 season.

Wedding Venue

Fat Bear Week

Katmai Bear

Celebrate the bears at Brooks Falls in the Katmai National Park and Preserve by voting for the fattest bear of the season! While it may be fun to see the weight these bears have put on in the fall, it's essential to their survival. In preparation for hibernation and months of not eating or drinking, bears pack on the pounds during the summer. More often than not, at Brooks Falls the main meal is salmon. Bears fight for dominance to control the best fishing spots, mama's gain enough weight to survive as well as care for their young, and cubs are actively growing during the winter season. Being the fattest bear is a compliment! Make sure you check these bears out and vote for which you think is the fattest.

During the summer, these bears are a treasure to see when bear viewing. Bear Paw Adventure sets up this amazing opportunity for you. Make sure you ask about bear viewing when you schedule your next stay with us!

It's fat bear week - get out and vote!


Alaskan Adventures

Whale Watching

Looking for an opportunity to see whales in the wild? Kenai Fjords in Seward, Alaska provides phenomenal tours of glaciers, sea lions, shore birds, and whales! You have a chance of seeing grey whales, humpback whales, and/or orcas. Join us on this adventure for the 2021 season!

Whale Tale

With Bear Paw Adventure's Premium Lodging, You Can Always Expect The Best Service And A Unique Alaskan Experience!


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