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Happy summer to you from the RCRC team! We just had a lovely summer picnic with our families and some local partners in my backyard in Portsmouth. It was a perfect June day and we enjoyed the time together, with singing birds and children's laughter as the backdrop. Hope you will take time to enjoy your family and friends and colleagues.

It's been an exciting year as the theory and the practice of relational coordination continue to grow in diverse sectors and parts of the world, as we all become more interdependent, connected by our everyday needs and by the global division of labor.  I just returned from Nigeria where I attended Wale Olaleye's wedding, and it became very apparent that the US and Nigeria are strongly connected by music, dance, religion, economics and our common humanity.

Are we ready to respond to all this interdependence?  In some ways yes - and in some ways no.  For many of us, relational coordination is easy to understand but hard to do.  It's hard to do because many of our organizational structures still get in the way.  It's also hard to do because as individuals we have to learn new habits for building shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect with people we know and people we don't know.  As we put these new habits into practice, we can redesign our structures together, so we can more easily make relational coordination part of our everyday lives. 

We look forward to doing this great work with you to build and implement multi-level models of intentional change - at the Academy of Management Meetings in Boston this August, and at the RCRC Roundtable in Denver this October. 

See below for more about both and we hope to see you soon! 

- Jody (on behalf of Tanya, Lainie, Lauren, Shyamal, Dusan, Wale, Callie, Rendi and Gabriela)

Join us at the 9th Annual RCRC Roundtable where colleagues from the RCRC community will converge on Denver to share their most recent work as scholars and practitioners. We will explore how individuals, organizations and communities create positive relational change, intentionally, through attention to interdependence and the consequences of actions.

You will leave with greater understanding of concepts and tools to take your work to the next level, inspired by what researchers and practitioners are doing to transform relationships for high performance. You will leave ready to take new steps toward positive change.

The program is now available! You can visit our website to view the full program - here's a sample of planned sessions:
  • Keynotes: David Sloan Wilson (The Evolution Institute) and Christi Zuber (Aspen Labs)
  • Presenter Breakouts: A Relational Society, Designing the Future of Relationship Science, Designing and Testing Interventions, Cross Organizational Interventions, Leading Change, Building Co-production, Scaling Relational Change 
  • Hub Crawl: meet innovative start-ups working in Catalyst's shared space 
  • RC Tools Workshops
  • Leading Relational Coordination from the Front-line to the C-Suite 
  • Looking Ahead: The Future of Relational Coordination 
  • And more!
Two workshops will be offered following the Roundtable - Improving Work Processes with Relational Coordination (Tony Suchman & Marjorie Godfrey) and Human Centered Design (Kari Coughlon & Monica VanBuskirk).

Roundtable sponsors include the Colorado School of Public Health, University of Michigan Center for Positive Organizations, Data Science to Patient Value at University of Colorado, Prime Health - and our host Catalyst HTI! 

Register Early and Save 

Don't forget to register for the RCRC Roundtable before the early bird deadline. Registration fees will increase on July 15! 

The RCRC has a discount code at The Source Hotel (a 4-minute walk from the event) for $180 - however these rooms are not reserved so we recommend booking early. The RCRC does have a block of reserved King rooms at The Source Hotel. Rooms in this block are $209 per night.

There is also a room block at the Radisson Hotel Denver Central (an 8-minute drive from the event) for $114. Email Tanya Allain at for hotel details.

RC at Academy of Management

If you are coming to Boston for the AOM meetings, we welcome you to all RC-related sessions!  The RCRC will be hosting a reception at 7:00 pm on Saturday, August 10 at MJ O'Connors in the Boston Park Plaza, along with the Center for Positive Relationships/Positive Relationships at Work community. 

This reception will follow the Relational Organizing for Multi-Level Systems Change Professional Development Workshop from 4:45-6:45 pm - also in the Boston Park Plaza.

If you plan to attend, please contact Tanya Allain at

Partner Updates

Visit our website to see updates about Elli Meleti (University of Glasgow), David Christenson (The Taos Institute), Shyamal Sharma (Brandeis University) and Wale Olaleye (Brandeis University).  Also learn about our newest RCRC partners from University of Texas at Austin, the Veterans Administration and Brandeis University!

Recent Papers

Recently published papers include: 

Brazil, Victoria; Purdy, Eve; Alexander, Charlotte; Matulich, Jack. (2019). Improving the Relational Sspects of Trauma Care through Translational SimulationAdvances in Simulation, 4 (1), 10.

Rodriguez, Hector P; Boon, Bing Ying; Wang, Emily; Shortell, Stephen M. (2019). Linking Practice Adoption of Patient Engagement Strategies and Relational Coordination to Patientā€Reported Outcomes in Accountable Care Organizations. The Milbank Quarterly.

Valenziano, K.B. et al. (2018). An Interprofessional Curriculum to Advance Relational Coordination and Professionalism in Early-Career Practitioners. The Journal of Teaching and Learning Resources, 14. 

Hartmann, Christine W; Minor, Lisa; Snow, A Lynn. (2019). Development of a Program to Support VA Community Living Centers’ Quality ImprovementFederal Practitioner, 36 (5), 228.

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