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A New Vision

     I hold a vision for 2021.

May we see through the eyes of love. Feel peace in heart and mind, and walk with compassion in divine wisdom and faith.

   I see healing from sickness and suffering, and unity for All people.

May you feel the abundance of life as there are stars in the sky, feel the love of creator, unlimited in everything.

May you feel held in a gentle hug from Spirit knowing you’re never alone.

  As I hold this vision I know it's unfolding as I surrender it to Spirit.

Please hold this vision if you're led. As we hold a higher vision for the planet, the vibration lifts and healing occurs.

   Happy New Year! May you receive that which you desire this year!


                                                                            Blessings and Love,


Benefits of Energy Healing
Pain and Stress Relief
Balance in Body/Mind/Spirit
Emotional Healing
Focus and Clarity
Remote Healing and In-Person Available

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