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Collective Healing

  The Heart Chakra of America is bleeding, is grieving wounds of decades past. The heart chakra radiates all types of Love such as divine unconditional love, family love, and romantic love but also holds the opposite of love or other emotions such as the fear, grief and anger that we’re seeing expressed right now.
    There’s a collective grieving, anger and sadness not just about the killing of George Floyd, but countless other black people whose lives have been taken unjustly- and the justice that doesn't get served.
     It CANNOT go on. We cannot go on as a human race like this- divided, violent, in judgement.
    LOVE is what heals the heart chakra. But first the other emotions must be expressed, must be heard and that’s what’s happening.
    The healing will happen. But it starts ONE heart at a time. For we, ALL of us make up the heart chakra of the world. And as we heal our own hearts of the racism, anger, injustice or judgement we may hold, it lifts the vibration of the HEART of the world, healing the collective anger, racism, injustice, etc.
    It starts with YOU.
    We must still take action steps in this world for change- peaceful protests, sign petitions, vote. But the healing must take place within every single one of us in order to make a lasting change. In order to heal the collective consciousness so we can create a non-divisive, peaceful world where we are ONE- standing in Love, in justice for ALL.
    So I invite you to look at your heart, what you may be holding in it that isn’t Love, and take one step toward healing it- let go, forgive, cry.
    Because your pain doesn't just hurt you. It hurts all of us. Just as your healing helps all of us. Join me- one person, one heart at a time to heal humanity, to heal the world. And so it is!



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