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Embracing the Moment

Nature is my muse. And one day in June I was sitting by the river and got this message I'm going to share with you now:

The solitude of nature sends peace to my soul. Getting out of the busyness of life and into the stillness. The river flowing at its own pace, the trees standing strong, blowing gently in the wind. The sunlight sparkles off the water and I see a bird fly over head. This one moment of nature is filled with Life!

This Life of mine awoken by the song of the bird, the gentleness of the wind on my skin. This is what I was craving, to feel the ever presence of the moment, no distractions. No goals, no doing just BEING in Life. I feel the Breath inside of me and know, this is what’s real!

We lose the presence of the moment, the bliss of silence by always doing, always being on. Then the moments pass and we wonder where the past 10 yrs went. We become a slave to our habits and thoughts, doing day to day and forget to stop and Be Still and appreciate what the moment holds. Whether it’s the wind caressing your face, the smile of a child, or pure uninhibited laughter.

Enjoy the bliss of the moment, realizing each one makes up your life! What do you want your moment to hold, your life to encompass? Awaken to now and know this is who you are...right now. Find your moment of Bliss and let it be your Life!

Embrace the moment, embrace Yourself! Be in gratitude, knowing Life is here for you! What will you do with it?

I invite you to take a moment this weekend just for you...and get in your BLISS!


Full Moon Hike and Meditation

Tuesday July 16th at 7pm 

Join me for a guided hike and meditation at Vickery Creek at the Roswell Mill. This intentional hike will connect and ground us with Mother Earth. Then we'll harness the energy of the full moon in a meditation by the river!


Please RSVP by email or FB:

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