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Life is Now!

Guess what? Your body will relax when your mind is relaxed. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You are what you think all day long.” Well, how are you feeling? How you feel will show you what you’re thinking. Why?

Because your body holds the thoughts you’re thinking! If these thoughts are worry or negative or lack, they are causing the stress, pain or disease you're feeling in your body.

So how can we relax the mind- the many repetitive thoughts we think everyday?


Most thoughts that swirl around in our brain are of the past or future. But the past is gone, the future hasn’t happened yet, so let’s be here NOW!

Meditation interrupts the cycle of the mind telling you everything you don’t have and everything that’s wrong with your life, these thoughts that are making you sick.

Take a moment to focus on the now, your breath. Here is where you’ll begin to receive divine guidance, peace and Health. Start with 5 min everyday to get centered, breathe and relax in the moment. Find that space with no thoughts, but purely breath.

Plant a NEW positive thought or desire in this space of peace such as I feel healthy, I am abundant or I'm in my perfect career. You choose. Sit with your new thought or desire and feel it!

Spirit wants you to know, You’re Loved. Take a moment to access this love, surrender to it and let it fill you up!

You deserve health, peace, vitality and love. I invite you to let go and open to receive it :)


Full Moon Hike and Meditation

Tuesday June 18th at 7pm 

Join me for a guided hike and meditation at Vickery Creek at the Roswell Mill. This intentional hike will connect and ground us with Mother Earth. Then we'll harness the energy of the full strawberry moon in a meditation by the river!


Please RSVP by email.

Hypnosis & Reiki Combo Sessions
June 11th & 13th I'm partnering with my colleague Amy Head with New Perspectives for Life to provide Reiki/Hypnosis Combo sessions. If you want to shift a thought pattern or heal and balance in body/mind/Spirit this is for YOU! Contact me for more details and to schedule.

Benefits of Energy Healing:
  • Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Mental Focus and Clarity
  • Emotional Healing
  • Balance of body, mind, Spirit
Call Noelle today to reserve your appointment to relax, rejuvenate, and rebalance your body, mind, and Spirit!

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Phone #: 770-855-9407