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CFS Will Continue to Serve Our Customers

As we continue to monitor the latest information about the global COVID-19 outbreak, we are taking additional measures to ensure we safeguard the health of our employees and preserve our ability to operate.

We have identified areas which we consider critical to operate. Within these areas, we have developed operational continuity plans in our teams to ensure we have sufficient resources to keep our production and services running safely, our products shipped to our customers, and our support to our customers continuous.

We will continue to  provide updates as we learn more. Visit for full details of the CFS emergency preparedness plan and all the latest COVID-19 updates.


Now Available: Remote Training and Education

One of the ways CFS is adjusting to the new social distancing and travel restrictions is by offering remote services wherever possible. We are happy to announce that our Remote Training services will be made available to our customers beginning this month (April 2020).

Topics that our classes can cover range from inventory management (receiving, production, directed pick, shipping) to Wolf sizing (starting up, scale calibration, etc.) to reporting and even weekly best practices. Please contact your CFS resources or give us a call at 336-841-7289 if you are interested in putting together a virtual training curriculum.


Regular Maintenance and Less Equipment Downtime with the Wolf PMA

The Wolf Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA) provides proactive scheduling of up to two CFS System Analysis visits annually. Participating in a PMA allows  a qualified CFS Technician to spend up to two pre-scheduled days on-site, evaluating the overall health of your system by performing system diagnostics, troubleshooting known issues, and identifying replacement parts required.

Benefits include:

  • Improved system efficiency and overall operationsReduction / elimination of the need for repairs
  • Extension of the life of system components
  • Reduction in the number of equipment failures
  • Time savings for technicians making repairs
  • Opportunity for training customer’s technical staff

To learn more about the Wolf PMA and how to start scheduling your preventative visits, contact


Coming Soon: Label Content Verification

As many of our customers are aware, we offer barcode validation to ensure that finished goods products (cases and pallets) are correctly inventoried. At the request of several customers, we are working on a solution to validate the content (images, text, etc.) on a label in addition to the barcode. This will virtually eliminate incorrect labels, for various reasons, being placed on finished goods cases. 

If you are interested and would like to discuss our Label Content Verification solution, please reach out to your CFS resources or email us at


Tech Tip: How to Calibrate CFS Digital Scale Controller

Calibrating CFS Wolf Sizing Line Weigh Stations is simple with our easy-to-follow Digital Scale Controller (DSC) calibration tutorial.


CFS Employee Anniversaries 

Zac Craven, HelpDesk Technician - 10 years

Chris Gianopoulos, Electronic Supervisor - 7 years

Kyle Story, Shipping & Receiving Coordinator - 7 years