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Enhanced Standard for All New CFS Industrial PCs

CFS is now offering the latest version of Windows IOT. All new PC-based equipment is currently being shipped with OS Windows 10 IoT ENT LTSC. This version of Windows is lean, fast and offers several benefits.

  • No more forced updates - Windows IoT does not issue the forced updates that come with Windows 10, protecting the functionality of the system and allowing users to control Windows updates. 
  • Lower cost – Microsoft has revised the licensing pricing structure so a lower performance system will pay significantly less than a high performance system. 
  • 10+ year availability – Each version of Windows 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC will be available at least 10 years from launch. 
  • Worldwide shipping – All industrial PCs using windows 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC can be shipped worldwide. 
Additionally, all new industrial CFS computers will come with a standard 8GB of RAM by the end of March, doubling our previous standard of 4GB.


New Wolf LC3 Line Controllers

Our Design Policy has always been to offer continuous improvements and upgrade capabilities for critical systems. As part of this philosophy, CFS is now supplying a new LC3 line controller for the Wolf Control Systems. The new LC3 controllers will replace the LC2 model, which will be discontinued by the manufacturer due to changes in technology and availability of internal components.

The LC3 controller has a very similar form factor to the LC2. There will be no physical changes needed to your system if you are switching from an LC2 to an LC3. This simple transition includes several benefits. LC3 controllers offer twice the processor speed, increased memory capacity and improved security protocols for file transfers and setup.  

Follow the link below to learn more about the LC3 controller and system requirements.


Keep Your Zebra Scanners Up-to-Date

Customers using older Zebra MC9190 and MC9200 scanners should be aware that these scanners are approaching the end of their life cycles. CFS recommends the new MC9300 model, which offers several improvements over the older models.  Zebra’s MC9300 is less expensive and offers several benefits for optimal user experience and efficiency.

  • Larger display with higher resolution
  • New capacity touch panel
  • Significantly longer battery life
  • Faster processor and increased memory
  • Increased durability 
The CFS Nimbus application requires Zebra Enterprise Browser licenses to be installed on the Zebra scanning devices. Action may need to be taken to keep your scanning devices current and compatible to operate the application. View our service bulletin to learn more.

If you plan to implement scanning applications for the first time, or if you are currently utilizing older models, consider the Zebra MC9300. Contact your Project Manager to learn more and discuss your upgrade path.


Zebra Buy-Back Program

Ready to upgrade? All customers with MC9190 and MC9200 Zebra scanners are eligible to participate in Zebra’s Device Buy-Back Program. This program allows Zebra to responsibly dispose or recycle your older devices, while offering potential for buy-back money to put towards upgrading to newer models. 

To learn more about participating in this program, visit or contact your Project Manager.


New P8-2 Hardware 

All new or upgraded Scale Labeling Controls, Process Tracking, Simplified Scanning, Quality Control or Wolf Calibration systems with our smaller P8 touchscreen, now come with our newest hardware.

P8-2 touchscreens now feature several upgrades that enhance the user experience and overall system functionality.

  • 8.4” LCD Display – Larger and brighter display
  • Intel Atom N3060 Processor – Faster processor with dual Cores and increased 8GB memory
  • 25 W Power – Requires lower power consumption than previous version of P8

To learn more about the new P8 Touchscreen hardware, contact CFS Sales.