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COVID-19 Special Edition Newsletter:
March 20, 2020


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Care Design NY  is committed to keeping the provider community informed. Care Design NY created a COVID-19 Provider Resource page on the website and will be distributing a weekly newsletter to Care Design NY partner agencies. The resource page can be found HERE which will include archives of the newsletters along with other helpful information to keep the provider network updated.

The newsletters will be emailed weekly and also archived on the COVID-19 Provider page for your continued reference, and the COVID-19 Provider Resource Page will be updated daily with announcements and critical information. 

Care Coordination Organization (CCO)
COVID-19 Response Protocol
Pursuant to the DOH COVID-19 Guidance for Health Homes distributed 3/14/2020, the 7 Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs) have collectively agreed to implement a CCO COVID-19 Response Protocol,  which was implemented on March 17, 2020.  

Included below please find three documents that were shared with NYS Department of Health (DOH) and Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) associated with this Protocol:

  • CCO COVID-19 Response Protocol - Standard Operating Procedures (CLICK HERE
  • CCO COVID-19 Response Protocol - Member Assessment (CLICK HERE
  • CCO COVID-19 Response Protocol - Emergency Face to Face Screening (CLICK HERE)


Regulatory Waivers and Communications: 

Many state and federal agencies distributed memos or waivers related to service provisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is a list of current communications and links for more information:

New Announcement: 
OPWDD extends deadline for submission of suspension plans to March 27th”. 


OPWDD Provider Notification Requirements  
Related to COVID-19 

COVID-19 Phone Notification Requirements for OPWDD Providers
Per OPWDD guidance - all providers must immediately notify the Justice Center or IMU by phone for any COVID-19 related quarantine and/or isolation orders served by their Local Health Department (LHD) regarding any individual served or staff member employed by their agency or programs. CLICK HERE for the guidance document.

Provider Notifications to Care Managers
As a reminder, providers are required to notify the Care Manager when there is a Part 624 or Part 625 incident that occurs.  In alignment with most recent directive from OPWDD, State and voluntary provider agencies should notify the Care Manager with any confirmed COVID-19 test and/or quarantine of a person supported.  

 Care Design NY’s Care Management workforce continues to be dedicated to the people we support and the providers we work with.  Your continued collaboration through this public health crisis is appreciated.  

For notifications after-hours, please call: 1-877-855-3673


Technology, Tools and Resources:
Care Design NY’s COVID-19 Supports & Services Search Tool 
Across the state, many people Care Design NY supports are unable to access services,resources or providers that are typically available to them.  To better support Care Design NY Care Managers with locating needed services (community-based,social, emergency and/or crisis, etc.) for individuals they support, Care Design NY has developed a COVID-19 search tool. This tool is being used by Care Design NY Care Managers to identify resources, supports and services available in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If you are aware of an organization currently providing community-based supports and services in response to COVID-19 please CLICK HERE to share this information with our care management teams. 
Care Design NY Website COVID-19 Resource Page
Care Design NY has developed a COVID-19 Resource Page for providers on our website. The page can be found HERE. We are continuously working to keep the provider community updated on communications, information and resources related to COVID-19. 

Face to Face Visits and the Use of Technology

Care Design NY, in collaboration with OPWDD and DOH, has taken many precautions related to face to face contact and the COVID-19 pandemic. All face-to-face interactions will be held via video-conferencing or telephone until the temporary waiver is rescinded by the Department of Health.  

Care Design NY is committed to the continuity of supports for individuals, families and the provider community during this time. We are encouraging the use of technology, preferably videoconferencing, whenever possible to stay connected. 


Care Design NY care managers currently use Microsoft TEAMS for videoconferencing. The Care Design NY IT Department provided the following resource to enable video conferencing at your locations. Please CLICK HERE for more information. 


Questions/Concerns related to COVID-19? Contact us!


Do you have questions or concerns related to COVID-19? Please contact Care Design NY’s Network Development and Provider Relations team at

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